The Future of PodCraft + 2018 Updates

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    Hello everyone,

    In the last post, I stated that we expected to open PodCraft 3.0 (formerly PodCraft 2.1) in late December. Unfortunately, we could not meet that deadline. Here's a quick update on what's happening with PodCraft 3.0:

    As I said in the last post, PodCraft relaunched on August 18, 2017, under the new management of Nif35 and Army_bacon. Since then, the server and its staff received lots of criticism. As was made very clear, almost everyone was unhappy with the changes that were made to the server. We are aware that many have lost faith in PodCraft due to the unprofessional updates. Recently, we started a GoFundMe to help fund the development of PodCraft 3.0. We have received lots of backlash on Discord about this. Without funding, we are unable to implement features such as custom terrain and hire professional builders. However, we still plan to work on and reopen the server with or without donations. Ultimately, we need to know that people care about the server.

    As for the future of PodCraft, PodCraft 3.0 may be the last major update to PodCraft, at least for a while. Minecraft's popularity has declined over the past couple of years. Many long-term players of PodCraft have quit playing Minecraft and new players rarely join. Granted, we aren't planning on advertising the server until the release of PodCraft 3.0. More information about this will be released as we move forward with PodCraft 3.0.


    Can I help with the new server?
    A: There are a few things that you can do to help with the new server. The best thing you can do is donate to our GoFundMe page here. If you can't donate, spread the word about PodCraft 3.0! Unlike the last server, we will not be accepting outside builders.

    Q: When will the new server open?
    A: Since we constantly fail to meet deadlines, we have not yet announced the release date of PodCraft 3.0.

    (we will update this post with more FAQs as needed)
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    I have a question... What do you hope to gain from resetting again? You think it's gonna get more people to play?
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