Server Restart?

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Army_bacon, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. Army_bacon

    Army_bacon Administrator

    I know, I know, the thought and very words I typed make you quiver in fear, but I think its time.
    Everything has been raided, found, walked over, griefed, mined, ruined, or found in some way.

    I think we should restart the server, and make a new world, make a new spawn city, then release it, and add on from there. We will work out something for the donators, and I think we should make it so you can get a few extra things, but not at the start. For instance:

    If you have donated, you can get a small chest (Or big chest) approved from a staff memeber of things to take. (No diamonds, armor, swords, etc.) and you can take that with you or you get it a week or two into the game.\

    We will be talking about this, but we need podcraft to speak up!
  2. wheelerman2555

    wheelerman2555 New Member

    I agree But on the new server Thier should be a time where a ton of players go kill the Ender dragon
  3. FinnickJas

    FinnickJas New Member

    This is a bad idea, ppl like me have worked hard on getting mcstats armor weapons money and building bases. Doing this will lose lots of players and spawn will have to be rebuilt. I think we should just restart the end the nether and world edit out raided bases near spawn.
  4. Army_bacon

    Army_bacon Administrator

    Well, maybe instead of restarting the server, tone down the stats a bit, or something. But I suggest atleast a new spawn with a few new remakes or different cities. I really would also like to add a few plugins, like the vampire plugin, maybe suggest making a few, even a towny plugin so we can as players make our own factions into towns.
  5. Jbird

    Jbird New Member

    Now, I didn't get permission when i did this, i don't feel i need to, but I started remaking the server, I got started on making the safelot world design, planning to make the new spawn design. Try and select a good seed for the server (No I will not previously explore it) and hopefully assist the server greatly so one day, if we do have to reset, we'll be all set. And as to what Finnick said before, people would be frustrated, but if they can't stick with podts after a reset, then they aren't loyal members, and that's what the podts community should be, loyal members

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