Server restart and we want you to be apart of it!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by flatbmx, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. flatbmx

    flatbmx Administrator Staff Member

    After seeing Podcraft slowly wither I've re-gained interest in bringing it back to life. There's multiple issues with the current setup of how podcraft runs that's been nagging me. I like the technical sides of things and don't really like the PR/social sides of things really. When Podcraft first started I had the help of my IRL friends and they all did their part in different fields and I managed the technical side. They slowly lost interest and I was left to do everything myself. Slowly I didn't keep up with updates and espeically advertising the server on server lists to bring in new players.

    After reflecting on this I have decided to include much of the community in the decision making and staff/helper positions to help bring the server back on its feet

    Staff Positions:
    • Public Relations / Advertising
    • Ingame moderation/administration
    • Ingame builders for cities
    We will have applications posted soon, Do not post applications in this thread.

    Teamspeak3 is a great way to communicate and is highly recommended if you wish to help.

    New server development is going well. We don't have any specific date for its release but I would say no longer than a week or two. We are starting smaller than previous servers that we tried but will build on it like we did with Arkenstone(For anyone who played back in the day when arkenstone was tiny compared to today.).

    I'll update this thread as time progressing giving a better outlook on what's to follow.
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  2. Sneadsferry4

    Sneadsferry4 New Member

    I would love to help out the server. I can donate what you need most of the time. I would like to be part of the staff. Just tell me when I can apply. Thanks! ^-^
  3. Nif35

    Nif35 Administrator

    Same here. I'd love to help out. I've had some experience with running a server, so if you need anything, just ask. ;)
  4. Wild_Unknown

    Wild_Unknown New Member

    I'd also like to help ^.^
  5. Not_Connected

    Not_Connected New Member

    I'd love to help in any way possible. ^-^
  6. sneakyninja2003

    sneakyninja2003 New Member

    I'd absolutely LOVE to help.
  7. MusicGirl247

    MusicGirl247 New Member

    I'll help in any way I can.
  8. DrPatel

    DrPatel New Member

    I'll definitely help out with the rise of podcraft!
  9. PygmySloth

    PygmySloth New Member

    I would definitely help out where I can. I would love to apply to be moderator or even administration if the need arises. Please tell me where to apply when you are ready! P.S. I also have experience running a server.
  10. 007Bondo

    007Bondo New Member

    I can help as well. I was hoping to be more active on the server anyway!
    Not that this has anything to do with running a server, but I have helped teach a band class full of 50 12-13 year olds, so I do have a little experience with moderation...

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