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    Hello everyone and this is going to be a quick recap on what has been going on the last 2-3 weeks.

    As all or most of you know were are creating a new server that will later on become the replacement for podcraft. It is slowly but surely getting done and will start on drawing out the first new continent that can be built apon.

    Something else that i must really stress is donations, last month we gathered $16 short of the reqired funds to pay our last bill. I actually donated the last amount myself so that we could keep our great hardware and so that we can host podcraft and the remake at the same time. I am asking for everyone to again pull together and donate as much as possible to the server so we can pay the December 6th bill and run until next year without any huge worries.

    Another issue is the high cost of the dedicated server, $171 is a steep price for what we are hosting on it. However we have much room to grow, but since we are not growing nearly as fast currently I would love to downgrade to make it easier to stay up and allow donators to not have to donate huge amounts allows to keep the server alive. So my plan is to keep the expensive dedicated server running up until we have the remake up to par and able to release that as the new podcraft. Once the remake has been released and the old podcraft tucked to bed we can downgrade to a $50/month vps. The vps will be much less powerful compared to what we have currently but it should do fine for hosting 1 server and what we want from it.

    Finally one of the last things i would like to point out is our donation system, staff and I have been considering new systems of donations and believe a subscription system would be much better then the current one-time package system that is in place at the moment. For the remake there will be only one doantion package and that will be premium, depending on how many people are premium the price will vary. I beleive $10/month would be a great start and if we get more then 7-10 donators then we can lower the price to $7 or even $5 a month. This will let donators not have to spend so much a month and allow us to still be around.

    I hope to hear your opinions on this matter and I will consider them all in detail.
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    fishy's back :D
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    And Finnicks back ^^^^^
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    And you guys haven't said anything on the matter :D

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