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    Here’s the official list of everything that will be happening to PodCraft regarding the transfer of ownership and server reset. TL;DR version at the bottom.

    Transferring Ownership and New Staff

    The rumors are true, Army and I (Nif35) have been promoted to owners of PodCraft. To clear up any confusion, we will NOT be taking over PodTS entirely, only PodCraft. The updated staff list will be as follows:
    • Owner of PodTS: flatbmx
    • Co-Owners of PodCraft: Army_bacon and Nif35
    • PodCraft System Admin: flatbmx
    • Mods: 007Bondo
    • Helpers: xBirdmqn
    • Builders: Sneadsferry4, Not_Connected, DrPatel332, DrEsperanto, ShallowBenji001, moondacer247, and CongestedWeasle

    Reset: What’s Happening and Why

    Once again, it is true that PodCraft is resetting. This may be heartbreaking for some of you, but admittedly the server really needs it.

    Firstly, only factions is resetting. Creative and Minigames will remain unchanged during the reset. We also plan to add to/improve the minigames world in the months to come, including some elytra (flying) challenges.

    Second, PodCraft isn’t down yet. PodCraft 2.0 still has a lot of work to be done, as such a large jump in server versions basically calls for a full database and config reset. We expect to open the server to the public between August 1st and 10th, 2017.

    Third, PodCraft 1.0 won’t be going anywhere for now. Until the release of PodCraft 2.0, the server will still be up and running like normal. After the new server opens, PodCraft 1.0 will still be joinable for a few months, but only in spectator mode. Remember, this only applies to factions, creative will not be resetting.

    Fourth, the server will most likely reset to 1.12. You will have the option to use 1.8.9 or 1.12 combat mechanics. We won't be adding automatic blocking, you will need to use a shield.

    More specific and non-dramatic changes will be announced upon the launch of PodCraft 2.0

    Reset: Community Built PodCraft

    Many of you have been wondering whether PodCraft will be built by the community, and the answer is yes. We are letting the players build the spawn and the cities around it. For more information about this, please join our official Discord by clicking here. The news channel will explain everything that's happening and when you can help build. Make sure you have mobile notifications on if you want to know right when building is allowed!

    Reset: Rule Changes

    This is the official list of rules for PodCraft as of July 25th. However this list will no longer be updated after today.
    • No hacking, cheating, or abusing bugs (Gamma, commonly known as Fullbright, is not considered cheating, but using a hacked client is. A list of allowed modifications will be posted soon.)
    • No spamming (This includes spamming characters or words, advertising, annoying staff, constantly using caps, constantly correcting others’ grammar, complaining to staff, asking for permissions, etc.)
    • No offensive, or hurtful messages - No harassing others (This includes abusing or making hurtful comments about someone because of their race, gender, beliefs, etc., or telling one to physically harm themselves or others. This is considered verbal abuse, which will result in a ban, not a mute.)
    • No cursing - in most cases (“Light” cursing is allowed, ask staff if you aren’t sure what is allowed or not. Bypassing the chat filter will result in a mute.)
    • No inappropriate item/pet names.
    • The maximum amount of accounts per player (alt limit) is 3
    • No custom fonts/use of unicode characters that are not normally in the game.
    • Raiding is allowed but highly discouraged. Scamming/TP-trapping may result in jail time (light ban). Scamming players out of real life items or money will result in a permanent ban and you'll be reported to the police.
    • Trading donation items/real money for in-game money or items will result in a permanent ban and you will be reported to the police.
    • Avoiding punishments will result in double punishment time. Ban evasion will double your ban.
    • All players, including staff, obey all rules unless told otherwise by a staff member.

    Reset: Changes to Donations

    As many players now know, Microsoft updated the Minecraft EULA (end user license agreement), making it not allowed (and somewhat illegal) to sell unfair, game changing items for real money. Doing so would result in the termination of your account and server. However, there are some things that are allowed to be sold. The list of new donation perks is as follows:
    • Cosmetics, such as particle trails and effects
    • Pets
    • Name tags and colors
    • Home upgrades (amount of homes)
    • Permission packs (/feed, /craft, /recipe, /playertime, /firework, /hat)
    • /fly and /feed in Skyblock
    • Mystery keys (Each key gives you a random, but “good” item. These keys can be obtained without donating, and buying them gives everyone online at the time one key.)

    Donating really helps the server, and helps pay for premium features such as LiteBans, AAC, FactionFly, PremiumVanish, AuctionHouse, etc. If you have the money to spare, please donate at podcraft.buycraft.net

    You can no longer buy an unban. You do the crime, you do the time.

    Reset: Changes to Plugins and Permissions
    • The permissions that players start with have changed too. The permissions are as follows:
    • Access to set and go to 4 homes
    • Use /fly in your claimed faction land
    • /enderchest (this will replace PlayerVaults)
    • /tptoggle and /msgtoggle to toggle teleport requests and messages
    • Teleporting now takes only 4 seconds, and the cooldown has been reduced to 15 seconds
    • CombatTag has been reinstalled, you can’t enter spawn while in combat.
    • General Server and Faction Commands (/warp, /spawn, /f, etc.)

    Reset: The Future of CencerMC

    A few of you may remember I’ve had a server called CencerMC for over 3 years now. CencerMC will now be shutting down during the time Army and I own PodCraft. While CencerMC Skyblock is likely to transfer over to PodCraft, I have not decided to do with the other worlds yet.

    Terms of Service Changes

    The following is the list of things that have recently changed in PodCraft’s terms of service:
    • Donating to the server does not prevent you from being banned. You can no longer pay to be unbanned.
    • We have the right to terminate (ban) you from our network at any time for any reason.
    • We are not obligated to accept your ban appeal, what the staff team says is final.
    • Chargebacks (refunds) on any item on the store will result in a permanent ban from our network.
    • We are open to feedback, but what the staff says is final. Decisions are made by the staff team, and ultimately flat, not the players.
    • Bans are decided by the staff team from now on, do not contact flat unless it is absolutely necessary.

    A_Babe’s Ban

    Another huge topic lately is the player A_Babe’s ban. What happened was that A_babe mistakenly took my joke sign as something that was actually happening, and destroyed a part of spawn and the safelot world beyond repair. He was then permanently banned for bug/glitch abuse. (The backup/logging plugin was down at the time.) After further discussion, his ban is no longer permanent, but the length is yet to be decided. Once again, although we gladly accept feedback, this is for the staff to decide, not the players.

    Summary and Conclusion

    In short, PodCraft is now owned by Army_bacon and Nif35 is resetting some time between August 1st and 10th, 2017. Donations and permissions will be changed dramatically, the server will most likely update to 1.12, the old server will remain joinable, only in spectator mode, and the creative and minigames worlds will not reset. Lastly, A_Babe’s ban is no longer permanent, but the exact length is yet to be decided.

    Lastly, this is all in the best interest of PodCraft’s future, not to make anyone mad or disappointed. If you have any feedback, reply to this post or email podtscraft@gmail.com. When the server officially opens, I will make a new post that will be updated frequently about current information about PodCraft. Everything on this page is subject to change. Check the forums frequently for updates.

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    Edit 3: Scamming/TP-trapping is no longer allowed, may result in jail time (light ban).
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