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    Hello Everyone,

    After about 6 months, PodCraft Remastered (3.0) is almost open. With that, I’ve received many questions about what’s happening and what’s changing.

    Q: What’s new with PodCraft Remastered (3.0)?
    A: Short answer: a lot. Many of the fixes I’ve made so far are backend and performance updates, but there are a few notable updates that will change gameplay a great deal. So far I've made major changes to the way the chat and player list works.

    Q: What version will PodCraft Remastered be on?
    A: PodCraft Remastered will be on 1.8.9, but you will be able to join on any client 1.8.9 or newer.

    Q: What's happening to PodCraft 2.0?
    A: Right now, we don't have any plans for the future of PodCraft 2.0. If enough players show interest, I might post a world download, but don't get your hopes up. As for what's happening until the release of PodCraft Remastered, I won't be releasing any major updates for PodCraft 2.0 and bug fixes will be limited to major issues.

    Q: What happened to PodCraft Classic (1.0)?
    A: I've been trying my best to get in touch with flat and bring PodCraft Classic back online. While I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to contact him, I will do my best to get PodCraft Classic back online and playable as soon as possible.

    Q: Will there be custom terrain on PodCraft Remastered?
    A: Unfortunately, we didn't receive enough funding to make custom terrain an option, but we're doing our best with what we have. When and if PodCraft resets again, we will definitely use custom terrain. But for now, we're too far into building the new server switch worlds.

    Q: What is the PodCraft Purge?
    A: Inspired by the Skycade factions purge, the PodCraft Purge is an event where I disable the factions and WorldGuard plugins and allow hacks on the server for a few days before the reset. I will make a dedicated forum post as the purge approaches.

    Q: Can I suggest changes/plugins/updates/features for the new server?
    A: Yes, please do! Please join our Discord here and write them in the #meeting-room channel. Please do not suggest things in the comments of this post, as I do not check the forums often.

    Q: When will the PodCraft Remastered open?
    A: I don't like saying release dates, because I continue to fail to meet them. However, if everything goes according to schedule, the server should be open within a month of this post being published.

    Q: What's 7 * 6?
    A: 42

    Got more questions? Ask them on the PodTS Discord and I'll update this post.

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