Podcraft Olympics?

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Army_bacon, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. Army_bacon

    Army_bacon Administrator

    I love podcraft, and think it is time we brought some life into the server again. Nothing like a little competition to stir up some attention, huh? I have a few ideas what we could do for events, but was wondering what you all would like to do? Please tell us! The events may be won with prizes awarded at the end. We will sort out the details if we get enough attention!
  2. flatbmx

    flatbmx Administrator Staff Member

    I really like this idea, will definitely follow up on this later on.
  3. ryan_2792

    ryan_2792 New Member

    I love this idea ;)
  4. TimothyMcMahon

    TimothyMcMahon New Member

    This seems like a good idea! But, what kind of events were you planing.
  5. Ping

    Ping New Member

    Sounds great!!!!! looking forward to this good idea Army! :D
  6. The1WHOmakes

    The1WHOmakes Guest

    Some events i have in mind are:
    A horse race
    A pvp battle royal
    A pvp tournament
    A Spleef tournament
    A parkour race
    As well as possibly a building contest
  7. FinnickJas

    FinnickJas New Member

    I think we should get paint ball

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