PodCraft: Major Factions Reset

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    Hello everyone,

    Here's an official list of changes coming to PodCraft next month:

    Updated Staff List

    Here's the updated list of staff as of November 18, 2017:
    • Owner of PodTS: flatbmx
    • Co-Owners of PodCraft: Army_bacon and Nif35
    • PodCraft System Admin: flatbmx
    • Mods: *none atm*
    • Helpers: xBirdmqn and 007Bondo
    • Builders: Army_bacon, TOXIC_SOUND, bballnoah, ShallowBenji001
    007Bondo (and every other staff member) has been temporary demoted for inactivity

    Reset: What's Happening This Time

    On August 18, 2017, PodCraft reset and relaunched under the new management of Nif35 and Army_bacon.

    Long story short, the launch did not go to plan. Many players were unhappy about the update to Minecraft 1.12.2, loss of donation perks, temporary shutdown of the creative/minigame servers, etc.

    Today, I'm happy to announce the upcoming launch of PodCraft 2.1. First, I'd like to apologize for the unprofessional and rather hectic reset. We're going to take everything we did wrong last time to make this reset much better.

    Reset: New and Changed Features

    We expect the server not to take as long to open this time. Many of the required plugins have already been installed and set up. However, we're looking forward to a much more professional server. Therefore, we want as many new, awesome plugins and features as we can pack in to the server while preventing lag. Here's a full list of what we plan to add (so far):
    • Minecraft 1.8.9 - 1.12.2 Support
    • Custom Terrain (Not Laggy)
    • Auction House
    • Voting Prizes
    • New, Cheaper Donation Rewards
    • Cross Server Chat
    • Cross Server Player List
    • Updated Creative Server
    • Updated Survival Server
    • and much more!
    Reset: How You Can Help

    We want to make the best server for our players. However, we can't do that without your help. If you want to support the server, donate on our GoFundMe page here. Every penny helps! If you can't donate, then share the GoFundMe page with everyone you can. It would seriously help us make you the best server we can.

    Summary & Release Date

    I don't want to announce a release date yet as it is likely to change. However, we are currently looking at late December. Ultimately, if you want to support the server, donate on our GoFundMe page and share this post. If you want to contact staff, join our Discord server here.

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