Podcraft In Ruins

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Army_bacon, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Army_bacon

    Army_bacon Administrator

    Since Mojang has started using EULA or what ever it is called, Most servers are going to be closed, including podcraft. All in favor of them forcing Realms upon us. But podcraft could come back later, it might not though. But if there is anything you wanted to do, do it now.
  2. Army_bacon

    Army_bacon Administrator

    I vote we unban some people. Because what will it matter? So, Maybe we can finally unban kethan? I doubt Flat or BK would allow that. But Its worth asking.
    Heres to you kethan.
  3. Fishy

    Fishy Moderator

    so you're saying that every minecraft server is going to shut? if so, mojang are gonna start loosing minecrafters
  4. FinnickJas

    FinnickJas New Member

    This sucks
  5. ryan_2792

    ryan_2792 New Member

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